Talks tuesday, January 30th in Wachman 617

We have two speakers. First, at 4:30, we have Harold Sultan of Columbia University speaking on

Title: Asymptotic geometry of Teichmuller space and divergence

Abstract: I will talk about the asymptotic geometry of Teichmuller space equipped with the Weil-Petersson metric. In particular, I will give a criterion for determining when two points in the asymptotic cone of Teichmuller space can be separated by a point; motivated by a similar characterization in mapping class groups by Behrstock-Kleiner-Minsky-Mosher and in right angled Artin groups by Behrstock-Charney. As a corollary, I will explain a new way to uniquely characterize the Teichmuller space of the genus two once punctured surface amongst all Teichmuller space in that it has a divergence function which is superquadratic yet sub exponential.

Then, at 5:45 we have Inanc Baykur (of Brandeis and MPI-Bonn) speaking on:

Title: Surface Bundles and Lefschetz vibrations.

Abstract: Surface bundles and Lefschetz fibrations over surfaces constitute a rich source of examples of smooth, symplectic, and complex manifolds. Their sections and multisections carry interesting information on the smooth structure of the underlying four-manifold. In this talk I will discuss several problems and results on (multi)sections of surface bundles and Lefschetz fibrations; joint with Mustafa Korkmaz and Naoyuki Monden. In the second part of the talk I will demonstrate the contrast(s) between symplectic and holomorphic fibrations. The talk will feature various construction techniques, where mapping class group factorizations will play a leading role.

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