Dave Futer’s March 1 talk at Rutgers

Dave Futer will be speaking on Tuesday, March 1 at the Rutgers Geometry-Topology Seminar on,

Title: Angle structures for veering triangulations

Abstract: Casson and Rivin have proposed a program to explicitly construct the finite-volume hyperbolic metric on a 3-manifold given as a combinatorial triangulation: namely, find dihedral angles for the tetrahedra, subject to certain gluing conditions. These angles are hard to find in general, and solving a linearized version of the problem (finding an “angle structure”) already has strong topological implications. Agol recently introduced a class of “veering” triangulations with pleasant existence and uniqueness properties. We will prove these triangulations admit angle structures, and explain some context and refinements. Joint work with Francois Gueritaud.

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