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Dave Futer’s talk on 11/29

Dave Futer will be giving a talk at Yale on Monday, 11/29: Title: The geometry of unknotting tunnels Abstract: Given a knot K in S^3, an unknotting tunnel for K is an arc τ from K to K, such that … Continue reading

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Geometry Seminar, November 30: Sazdanović and Whiteley

After a week off for Thanksgiving, the Geometry Seminar returns with a double header, with talks starting at 3:30. Radmilla Sazdanović, from the University of Pennsylvania will speak on, Title: Categorification of knot and graph polynomials Abstract: We review homology theories … Continue reading

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Talks by Igor Rivin last week and next week

Igor has spoken at the Princeton Topology Seminar last Thursday, November 18 Title: Somewhat simple curves on surfaces, and the mysteries of covering spaces. Abstract: I will count some curves on 2-dimensional manifolds, and will discuss some related issues in … Continue reading

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Geometry Seminar, November 8, 2010: John Humphrey and Dan Price

The Geometry Seminar will have a computationally-oriented talk from John Humphrey and Dan Price of EM Photonics, the developers of the widely-used CULA Tools implementation of LAPACK for NVIDIA‘s CUDA GPU programming platform. Title: Using GPUs to Improve Numerical Calculations Abstract: … Continue reading

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