First Geometry Seminar of Fall 2010

Our first seminar will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, September 7). Our first speaker will be Ilesanmi Adeboye who will talk on:

Volumes of Hyperbolic Orbifolds

ABSTRACT: In this talk we derive an explicit lower bound for the volume of a hyperbolic orbifold dependent only on dimension. We use a result due to H. C. Wang, and some comparison geometry, to bound the volume of the fundamental domain of a lattice in a semisimple Lie group. We then show how the canonical volume in the indefinite orthogonal group relates to hyperbolic volume. Finally, we discuss how our arguments generalize to all rank one symmetric spaces of noncompact type. This is joint work with Guofang Wei.

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One Response to First Geometry Seminar of Fall 2010

  1. A preprint is available at . A revised version, as well as a complex hyperbolic analog, will be available soon. Check my website for updates.

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